"Google statistics don't lie": Ruslan Kogan

Kogan expands into fitness and sports goods with Fortis.

Australia's richest 20-something's latest tactic involves giving product ranges different brand names.

With an offering that’s grown from just two flatscreen TVs in 2006 to 19,000+ products today, online retailer kogan.com is now creating a wide range of its own private label products.

The company is sticking with its original Kogan brand for consumer electronics, but has come up with a bunch of other monikers for home-brand goods.

Founder Ruslan Kogan, 31, says he looked at what was happening at some price-driven competitors, both on- and off-line, and wondered: “Do customers really want to buy the same brand of cola as toilet paper?”

"Google search statistics don’t lie." – Ruslan Kogan
Ruslan KoganKogan’s latest launch is fitness and sports goods under the Fortis label, covering everything from dumbbells to activity wrist bands.

His other online product ranges include Ovela homewares, Certa power tools, Komodo outdoor and camping gear, Bellezza hair care products and appliances and Scharfen shavers.

It’s all part of the BRW Rich Lister’s strategy for beating department stores and other retail chains at their own game. Kogan.com now claims to be Australia’s biggest online retailer, a status achieved through developing greater business efficiencies via its own proprietary systems.

So how does the company determine what’s in demand? Just like the rest of us, apparently.

“Google search statistics don’t lie,” says Kogan.

This article is from the September 2014 issue of INTHEBLACK magazine.

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