The good news about the gender pay gap for accountants

Reportedly shrunk 60 per cent in the past year.

While wage inequality between the sexes remains a contentious issue, the gap in male and female accountant bonus payments in Australia has reportedly shrunk by 60 per cent in the past year.

A survey of 1800 professionals by financial services recruitment specialists Lloyd Morgan found 23 per cent received a bonus at an average of A$10,612 for men compared to A$8025 for women.

It was a significant narrowing since 2012-13, when males took home double the bonuses of females - A$12,900 versus A$6400.

Is the pay gap for male and female accountants narrowing?

Is the pay gap for male and female accountants narrowing?

"In recent years, many firms have shed staff and those who've remained have been asked to carry the extra workload, so it's become essential for bosses to pay close attention to remuneration and recognition," says Lloyd Morgan's executive general manager, Paul Barbaro.

The company's MySalaryPortal results also showed accountants have reprioritised what extra benefits they want. Flexible working hours are now the most keenly sought benefit, followed by company-paid training. But in 2012-13, having a car parking space topped the list.

"A year ago, paid training barely made the top 10," says Barbaro.

"In today's world, many professionals are wanting to reskill and upskill... to braoden the scope of opportunity for themselves when the economy picks up pace."

Incomes hit by colonial hangover

Could a present-day glass ceiling be linked to gender equality in a community's past?

Surprising research by Pauline Grosjean and Rose Khattar at the UNSW Australia Business School shows that areas of Australia which had vastly more men than women in early days of European settlement have fewer female professionals even today in these regions. The effect was evident both in remote areas and the centre of Sydney, which began as a penal colony.

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