Then and now: Trevor Ierino FCPA

Business services director at Wodonga Council.

I dropped out of first-year uni in 1977, joined Ford Motor Company as a payroll clerk and worked my way up, but soon realised I needed a degree.

So I went back to university part-time after 10 years in the workforce.

In about 1991 I moved on to jam manufacturing.

I became a CPA about the same time, and spent six years with Henry Jones Foods IXL. 

Ierino grew a passion for landscape photography when he changed his job

Ierino grew a passion for landscape photography when he

changed his job

By that point I’d had about 20 years being very financially focused in manufacturing.

It wasn’t until I joined Goulburn-Murray Water [in Victoria] that I had a far greater appreciation of the broader community.

A lot of my customers were farmers.

I was there for over 10 years and during perhaps the worst drought in Victoria’s history – it had a profound impact.

It changed me as a person, realising how the decisions we made affected people’s lives.

At that time I got a much better understanding of northern Victoria because my hobby is photography.

I was fascinated with factories in terms of watching how things get created, but my new factory was the natural environment; my new manufacturing facilities were mountains and hills.

I went on field trips for work.

Then I moved to Wodonga to be near my wife’s family and started with the council as director of business services. I’ve been here for seven years.

What I really like about it is the things I do matter.

My current CEO has a saying – don’t let the budget drive you, you drive the budget.

Initially when she said that, I fell off my chair as an accountant, but over time I’ve come to appreciate what that really means – it’s about the value of having a vision for your community and striving to achieve that.

Day to day, you’re working with new capital projects, then you see them come to fruition around you.

So you’ll see parks and gardens be created, kids’ playgrounds, a performing arts centre – you’re creating the city for your children to grow up in.

Through my passion for Wodonga, usually on a Saturday I get up at about 4am, go out and try to capture the beauty so everyone can see how great it is.

It allows me to share my passion for the city with my private life – photography.

Ierino at Goulburn-Murray Water

Ierino at Goulburn-Murray Water

What would you tell your younger self?

Have more confidence in your skills and ability, not doubt yourself.

Give all your effort and passion to what you’re doing and reap the rewards of that, but also take the time to ensure the right work-life balance.

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