9 great business speeches in movies

Hollywood has had some memorable business speeches.

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Movies have long been entertaining audiences with the extraordinary and the sublime as distraction and spectacle. But sometimes the best entertainment is borrowed from real life. Business has long been a running theme in popular films, leaving us with memorable dialogue that has made its way into how we talk about business today. While you take the time to decide which online TV streaming service you want to buy, here are nine great business speeches in movies that you might also enjoy. 

1. Citizen Kane

The Orson Welles movie about newspaper publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane has been heralded as one of the greatest movies of all time. Ranking number 65 on IMDb's 250 greatest films, this 1941 drama puts on full display the often tempestuous relationship between wealth and power, as one man attempts to use his media influence in order to control his political and social environments. While the state of news and media has changed dramatically since 1941, the film still pops up as a point of comparison when modern-day media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch find themselves embroiled in scandal.  This speech on “how to run a newspaper” has proved timeless its ability to provide perspective on the transience of news and the price it takes to produce it effectively. 

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