9 megaprojects that tried to change the world

The Chunnel connects England with mainland Europe.

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1. Channel Tunnel (the Chunnel)

By: Adrian Rollins

Megaprojects can change the way we live, but they also have a habit of running over budget and over time, every time. Here are nine infrastructure megaprojects that tried to change the world … and caused more than a few headaches along the way.

Location: Runs between Folkestone in Kent, in the UK, and Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, France

Purpose: To connect England by land with the European continent

Responsible entity: Eurotunnel

Projected cost: A$3.85 billion

Actual cost: A$6.82 billion

Projected completion date: 1993

Actual completion date: 1994

Project end result: It took 20 per cent longer than planned, and came in 80 per cent over budget.