5 reasons brainstorming fails

Brainstorm didn't yield results? It might be one of these reasons.

Business psychology expert Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic lists fives reasons for brainstorming’s failure


People in groups often feel they can let others do the work.

Evaluation apprehension

People may worry about what others will think of their ideas, especially when they lack confidence and think others have more expertise.

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Regression to the mean

In a process familiar in the sporting world, mediocre contributors tend to drag the more talented down to their level.

Production blocking

No matter how large the group, individuals can only express a single idea at one time if they want other people to hear them. 

Other research suggests one more problem with brainstorming …

Disagreements are highly productive

By prohibiting dissent, brainstorming chokes off processes that make us think harder, spur creativity and spark better ideas. 

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