5 Minutes with Wong SuYen, CEO of the Human Capital Leadership Institute

Wong Su-Yen: Leadership is like music - every element does its best and but works collectively as a whole

Wong Su-Yen is the chief executive of Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute, which develops global leaders with a strong understanding of leading in Asia and the world.

Wong sits on several boards, including MediaCorp and Nera Telecommunications.

Your undergraduate degree was music and computer science. Do you see any parallels between music and management?

Yes, in leadership, just like in music, what you’re trying to do is to make sure every element of the organisation or group is doing what they do best but working collectively as a whole. Everybody is reading a slightly different score but together you are making good music.

What are the key benefits of leadership education?

It’s really about how do you collaborate and how do you work across boundaries in a seamless fashion. I still apply the lessons I learnt from my MBA today.

What do you focus on outside of business?

Travel. It’s about getting a broader perspective. It’s really easy to get used to the environment that you’re in, and [when you get out there] you actually see how different and how diverse the world really is. Not good or bad, just different.

Wong Su-Yen is speaking on “Managing millennials – inspiration or perspiration?” at CPA Congress in Singapore on 14 October.

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