5 innovative start-ups founded by women

Lynette Seah: founder Alpha7.

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2. Lynette Seah: founder Alpha7


In January 2014, Lynette Seah launched her business, Alpha7, from the basement of her Singapore home. The consultancy, which leverages cloud technology to connect clients, people and platforms, contained just one employee.

Today Alpha7 is located in a modern, high-rise office, boasts over 20 staff and has raised more than SGD$3.7 million in funding. But Seah never had any doubts about its success.

“I was trained as an accountant in Australia and over the past 28 years worked for PwC, JD Edwards, Interwoven and Salesforce,” she says.

“I have lived, breathed and managed in the world of digital transformation for the past decade. I saw the way technology disrupted businesses.” 

“Gender does affect a person’s understanding and acceptance of technology,” Seah says. “But so does one’s generation, organisational culture and the mix of employees within a business. What matters is the technology itself, above all else.”

“If the old-school businesses do not adapt to utilising technology then they will be left behind.”


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