Will e-mail soon go extinct?

Email everywhere

Everyone complains about it. Social networking firms are plotting to replace it. Email, however, still rules many lives, according to an Adobe Systems survey of 400 US white-collar workers.

Where did they check their emails?

  • 70 per cent – while watching TV
  • 50 per cent – in bed
  • 50 per cent – while on vacation
  • 42 per cent – while in the bathroom
Technology research group Radicati estimates that the world now has 2.59 billion email users with 4.35 billion accounts, sending 206 billion emails per day.

Data released last year by the Pew Research Center confirms that email is particularly the weapon of the white-collar worker. Pew reported that 61 per cent of US workers called email “very important” to doing their jobs (while the figure for social media was 4 per cent).

Office workers were about three times more dependent (78 per cent) on email than non-office workers (25 per cent). At the time Pew internet, science and technology research director Lee Rainie was reported as calling email “the foundational social media” that continued to outlive its rivals.

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Despite some expectations, it does not appear that email is being killed off as social media use grows. In fact, research by media measurement group Nielsen has suggested that as people spend more time on social media, they also spend more time emailing.

Email continues to evolve. Google’s mail service now turns plane tickets into calendar items. Software firms including Microsoft want to bring more social features into email, such as Twitter-style @mentions.

Meanwhile, better spam filtering means that on estimate, the volume of spam emails actually dropped by half over the course of 2014 and has stayed at those lower levels through 2015. Email also remains easy to use and mobile-friendly.

206 billion

Estimated number of emails sent daily
Source: Radicati

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