INTHEBLACK celebrates 80 years of business leadership


INTHEBLACK was conceived to raise the profile and professional standards of accountants. Today, it is an award-winning global magazine investigating the best in leadership, strategy and business.

For a publication that started out in the 1930s as an industry journal designed to meet the technical needs of its readers and apprise them of regulatory change, INTHEBLACK has surged past its peers to be a voice of authority with all the credentials of a mainstream business magazine.

More than 152,000 accounting and business professionals read the magazine each month in 120 countries – that astounding reach mirrors the breadth of the CPA designation it is founded on.

The magazine has embraced the globalisation of the workforce and business leaders on whom it reports and for whom it writes. Business is no longer confined to geographic boundaries, and nor are CPA Australia members. Over the years, the magazine has charted far-reaching changes in the workplace and the workforce; it has mapped the growing presence of women in business and appointed its first female editor.

In its mandate to educate and inform, the publication has showcased success, analysed failures, examined industry trends and tracked the disruptive impact that technology has on how, when and where we run our businesses.

The magazine has also reflected the policy positions of CPA Australia and the influence the body wields, in particular in Australia’s business landscape. It is supported by a website and social media to meet the needs of a knowledge-hungry and increasingly mobile audience.

The early days

The first journal came into being when two professional bodies – The Commonwealth Institute of Accountants and the Federal Institute of Accountants – decided to produce a joint publication, which they called The Australian Accountant. The first issue rolled off the presses in 1936 with a circulation of just 9000.

Founding editor Alexander Fitzgerald was asked to produce a journal that was “interesting, informative and helpful in improving the status of accountants in this country, and in raising … the standards of practice and conduct in the profession”.

Early editions forged close links between practitioners and academe, with the expert opinion of prominent academics and leading accountants ensuring the publication was the authoritative source for the profession. That standard continues today.

A 1969 editorial lamented the difficulty in agreeing on a set of accounting principles – sound familiar? 

The journal was relaunched in October 2004 as INTHEBLACK and is now Australia’s highest-circulating business magazine. The publication has received numerous accolades and international recognition for both print and digital formats.

This article is from the March issue of INTHEBLACK.

March 2016
March 2016

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