High hedges: How much do the world's top hedge fund managers earn?

Citadel's Kenneth Griffin (digitally altered image)

A new list reveals the salaries of the world's top-earning hedge fund managers.

High hedges. Source: Institutional InvestorNo matter how fat this year’s pay cheque, you’re probably making a lot less than Kenneth Griffin and James Simons, who tied this year for top spot on Institutional Investor’s list of the world’s top-earning hedge fund managers.

Kenneth Griffin’s Citadel posted double-digit investment returns for 2015, even though it was the firm’s worst year since 2010.

He celebrated by hiring Katy Perry to perform at the firm’s 25th anniversary party, according to Vanity Fair magazine.

Institutional Investor also credits Griffin as one of the forces holding up the global art market: in 2015, he reportedly spent US$300 million on Willem de Kooning’s Interchange and US$200 million on Jackson Pollock’s Number 17A.

For those feeling particularly envious, change is on the horizon: experts say artificial intelligence could soon make most hedge fund jobs obsolete.

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