10 tech tools to change your workday

Organise your inbox with SaneBox

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Amongst the endless torrent of new technology, a small group of tools holds the potential to genuinely transform how you work.

Do you find yourself regularly working late on emails? Is your to-do list always a mile long? Can’t find the information you need when you need it? Do you juggle multiple apps and devices? Don’t be a slave to technology – make it work for you with these tools that can transform your workday.

1. Email organisers

Office workers typically spend more than a quarter of their working day on email, according to a 2012 McKinsey study. So reducing this time is a good place to start transforming your workday. 

You don’t have to remove every email from your inbox; a more useful first step is to declutter it, using a tool like Unroll.Me to quickly unsubscribe from all those newsletters you’re no longer interested in. 

The next step is to organise your inbox with a service such as SaneBox, or shift to an email app like Mailbird that’s designed to help you get organised. Other tools can also help, such as FollowUpThen, which allows you to ignore an email until it’s time to act on it.

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