Think differently! 8 innovative ways to grow your business.

Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of online wine retailer Vinomofo

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A great idea and a willingness to see the world differently lie behind the success of many entrepreneurs. Here, eight trailblazers share their insights and tips to help all businesses innovate and grow.

1. Stand for something

With a cheeky brand name and determination to disrupt the snobbery and elitism around fine wines, online retailer Vinomofo has in five years morphed from a social forum into a A$50 million business with 450,000 loyal members.

Co-founder Andre Eikmeier says Vinomofo’s success relies on the emotional connection it has with customers from offering top value on high-quality wines “that we love”.

“More importantly, we keep it fun,” he adds. “Work out what you want to stand for. Take your marketing hat off and ask ‘why am I doing this and what do I really care about?’”

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