Staying updated with Excel

Flexibility and constant updating lie at the heart of Excel’s success, says Neale Blackwood CPA, who in October 2017 marked 15 years of writing Excel Yourself columns for INTHEBLACK.

Blackwood admits he is still learning more about the program. “I don’t think anyone can know it all.”

Blackwood became INTHEBLACK’s Excel expert after sending a 1000-word article on Excel shortcuts to the editor in 2002, in the hope of being published.

While early columns answered readers’ questions, these days people go online if they need help so Blackwood, who moved from accounting to Excel training, gets ideas from his training work.

Has he ever been stumped by a reader’s question?

“People will ask, ‘Can Excel do this?’ and the answer might be ‘no’, but that is very rare,”  he says.

Even in these cases a macro can be written or there will be other ways to address a problem.

“It’s so flexible. You start with a blank grid and you can do anything you want, you are only limited by your imagination and skills,” he says.

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