eBook: Inspiring tales from the accounting world

An accounting background leads many into unexpected careers, inspiring some to fight injustice and others to find new ways to serve their communities. In this eBook we profile 11 accountants who make a difference. Download now.

The following profiles come from the pages of INTHEBLACK. Each of our 11 accountants faced unexpected events or took a risk or course of action many others believed was foolhardy. Several have turned their backs on a comfortable life and all have used their accounting skills to provide opportunities and improve the lives of others.

Denis Yengi helps former South Sudanese refugees rebuild their lives, while Allan Lorraine, at the age of 90, took on bureaucracy to fight for the rights of aged-care home residents.

Read their motivating insights here – and nine other inspiring tales from the accounting profession.

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October 2021
October 2021

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