eBook: Inspiring Minds of CPA Congress

CPA Congress 2017 examined the increasingly rapid pace of change and how to harness the opportunities that arise from disruption, while providing the leadership to engage others on the journey.This eBook captures those stories.

Leading US filmmaker Matthew Luhn urged the audience to use storytelling to transform, while Cleanaway’s Brendan Hargreaves said it was important to know yourself and your communication style to convey your message and win over others. 
BDO’s Fahim Khondaker discussed opportunities for accountants to collaborate with data scientists to develop value from data analytics and use it for prediction and forecasting, while former Tesla chief financial officer Jason Wheeler recalled that tough times in business reinforced his belief in embracing personal and intellectual integrity. 
Qantas head of financial international operations Kevin Brady explained how an organisation could become leaner and more effective, while Wayne Stokes, the Shanghai-based chief financial officer of cruise operator Carnival, says it is possible to manage a culturally diverse, global team and maintain consistent principles.

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