7 inspiring accountants who dared to go beyond the books

CIA State Representatives 1922.

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From championing female representation in accounting to taking on Wall Street titans, Australian accountants have quietly played profound roles in fighting for what is right. INTHEBLACK celebrates seven extraordinary accountants who have gone beyond the balance books.

Pioneer in accounting education

Acclaimed as “the father of modern Australian accounting”, Sir Alexander Fitzgerald was one of the most distinguished figures in accounting and business management in Australia.

Born in Melbourne in 1890, Fitzgerald was the son of a felt hatter working in a Collingwood mill.

Fitzgerald started his accounting career in a private practice and rose quickly through the ranks. With experience in accounting and an active interest in academia, he soon became an authority on a range of topics including public finance, cost accounting and company law. 

Fitzgerald’s most notable achievements were his contribution to public service, accounting education, and the development of the accounting profession.

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