8 great TED talks on AI

Matt Beane presenting 'How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

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If humans achieved their status as Earth’s dominant species based on intellectual capability, what could the future look like if (possibly when) artificial intelligence (AI) starts to exceed human intelligence?

Not everyone will agree with WIRED founding editor Kevin Kelly’s view that “we need AIs to tell us who we are” but, for better or worse, AI is here to stay and growing more and more intelligent.

Here are eight TED talks on AI and how to navigate co-existence with super-intelligent machines.

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How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

Organisational ethnographer Matt Beane is interested in how specialist learning takes place. It has long been a pattern of observation, mentoring and practice as junior people develop. 

Using surgical training as an example, he examines how AI-based technology, as currently set up, is disrupting this pattern, preventing the development of complex skills through on-the-job guidance. 

He says AI does not have to prevent learning but can be used to enhance training procedures. This requires that the AI system is designed to be a coach, making use of the huge amount of data it can access. It can also link training staff to human mentors remotely, greatly expanding learning options.