Glenn Scott FCPA: Using public practice expertise to support NFPs

Glenn Scott FCPA spending time with community leaders participating in the Imarisha project in Kenya, addressing gender-based violence and children's rights and protection.

Glenn Scott FCPA uses his expertise to support the growth of NFPS. He also sits on the board of two organisations that share his passion for making a difference: Anglican Overseas Aid and Library for All.

When Glenn Scott FCPA met a young guy called Hugh Evans in 2003, Scott’s many years of public practice and mentoring took a new direction.

“Hugh was in the brainstorming stage of The Oaktree Foundation – now probably Australia’s largest youth-run development agency. I was so impressed by his energy and vision to see change in the world, our firm began doing some pro bono work for him. Later I set up a national mentoring program for Oaktree’s young leaders,” he recalls.

Scott also called on clients of his then practice Scott Group Australia to support the start-up, and the response was phenomenal.

“What that journey with Oaktree taught me is that we have amazing resources to draw on in public practice, and those resources can lend great benefit to organisations, particularly in that start-up stage,” Scott says.

“After Oaktree, I wanted to work out how we could continue to benefit other organisations.”

Scott launched a new practice – Platform Advisors – with a focus on the not-for-profit sector, while continuing to serve his business clients.

In addition to serving his commercial clients and providing pro bono work to worthy start-ups, a chunk of Scott’s time is taken up with his work as chair of two boards: Anglican Overseas Aid, an international relief and development agency; and Library for All, an emerging not-for-profit targeting literacy in developing countries.

Like his vast experience in mentoring, Scott says he sees the position of chair as a crucial support and bolstering role.

“I really hold strongly the chair/CEO relationship because if the CEO is well supported, they can do their best work. My natural place is to be an encourager and hopefully offer wise input when needed.”

He also outlines the role governance boards play, and feels personally proud and passionate about the work the two organisations undertake.

“Library for All is going fantastically. The first major project has been in collaboration with World Vision and ChildFund up in Papua New Guinea,” outlines Scott.

“It’s been exciting seeing the development of local books for the kids. There are writers’ workshops conducted in the country, and we also invite local authors to submit. Then local illustrators illustrate the books.”

The books are then accessed through tablets, which are provided to the schools. “The unique digital library resources communities where access to conventional book collections is difficult and costly,” Scott says.

For his work with Anglican Overseas Aid, Scott recently visited projects in Kenya, Israel and Gaza.

In Kenya, while visiting a project addressing domestic violence and children’s rights, Scott met two young accountants, both CPAs, who are responsible for the financial management of the project.

“It was such a privilege meeting those two young guys. They were working in such second-rate conditions, but they took their profession so seriously, they were so diligent.” 

As always, Scott drew on his four decades of practice and provided mentorship but, he says, he gained just as much from the work. “It was incredibly inspiring. I’m still shooting emails back and forth with them.”

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Anglican Overseas Aid

Has spent 30 years helping communities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific to take control of their futures and overcome poverty and injustice.
Their projects’ main areas of focus are disasters and climate adaptation, self-reliance, remote health care and safe relationships.

Library For All

Is a groundbreaking digital library initiative based in Brisbane, providing a scalable solution to the lack of accessible books in developing countries. It was founded by Australian entrepreneur Rebecca McDonald who, when living in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, was shocked to see so many classrooms without books.

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