How Tan Bing-Xuan CPA is committed to professionalism at KPMG Malaysia

Tan Bing-Xuan CPA (left) and June Teoh Chun Keng FCPA. Photo: Vignes Balasingham.

Tan Bing-Xuan CPA and June Teoh Chun Keng FCPA of KPMG in Malaysia have worked together since 2015, and share a deep commitment to professionalism, competence and integrity.

By Megan Breen

Tan Bing-Xuan CPA

Assistant manager, KPMG Malaysia

My childhood dream was to become a teacher, but when I was 10, I was struck down by a rare disease called Rapid-onset Dystonia Parkinsonism (RDP). It has affected my mobility and speech, and I knew it would be impossible to teach because of this. My mother suggested I try accounting instead, and after finishing my studies I got an internship at KPMG.

I was really worried about getting a permanent job, but I was encouraged by Mr Thong Foo Vung and Mr Chong Chen Kian FCPA, who are partners at KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice, to transition to full-time status. I’m really glad I did because as soon as I started in 2015, June was assigned as my performance manager, and I have been working with her ever since.

June is an easy-going, kind and patient boss. When I first met her, I thought that she might not be very approachable, but first impressions can be misleading! June is a very nice person who I can talk to about anything – both professional and personal matters.

Whenever I have a conversation with her, she listens to me patiently, and asks me to repeat words that she can’t hear clearly because of my speech impediment. When I told her it was hard for me to keep up with the rapid-fire conversations in meetings, she suggested I record them so that I can write the minutes at my own pace after the meeting. Not only that, sometimes she gives me her own notes so I can complete the minutes more quickly.

I really admire June’s interpersonal skills, because she maintains good relationships with everyone in the office. She is very good at providing feedback without upsetting anyone – during one of my performance review sessions with her, she taught me how to decline someone’s request in a firm but polite manner to avoid causing misunderstandings or offence to the other party.

Both June and I come from the same hometown and studied at the same high school. She is also a member of CPA Australia. I think, deep down, we share lots of similar character traits – a deep commitment to professionalism, competence, integrity and a caring nature towards other people.

What Bing-Xuan would change about June

She has a rather hectic work schedule. I look forward to seeing her achieve a better work–life balance.

June Teoh Chun Keng FCPA

Senior manager, KPMG Malaysia

My first impression of Bing-Xuan was that she was a very quiet and friendly person. She is definitely an introvert and speaks very softly – she is always smiling!

We have worked together since she started at KPMG in 2015, and I have always admired her determination to do a good job. Her road to achievement has not been easy, especially as she needs to juggle a very busy working schedule, medical treatments and her studies.

We work together in the risk management stream with five other colleagues. Our main tasks are to manage risk in contractual terms in audit engagements, and implement processes to comply with internal quality control. We are the liaison team for internal and external regulatory reporting. Hence, the work we do is very detailed, and Bing-Xuan sets a high standard for herself when completing these tasks.

Her disability has brought a different perspective to the job, and she has shown all of us how easy it can be to change the way we communicate. Assigning her tasks that can be completed by email or messenger was a small change to make, and it has worked really well.

Bing-Xuan always meets a deadline – and is so committed that she often delivers her work before it is due. We made some adjustments to help Bing-Xuan have enough time to do her work; for example, we helped prepare answers to some frequently asked questions to minimise the time it will take in responding to those enquiries.

Bing-Xuan and I are similar in a few ways; we are both members of CPA Australia and we have a strong commitment to the professionalism of our work. We also complement each other because while she has a very strong understanding of all the theory behind our work, I have more experience in the practical delivery.

That is probably the biggest difference between us. I have worked at KPMG since 2007, and have a lot of experience in the practical aspects of risk management and auditing.

She is learning more about the practical side of risk management in this role.

What June would change about Bing-Xuan

I would encourage Bing-Xuan to initiate more discussions and set up brainstorming meetings, either formally or informally. She has many great ideas! 

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