My Client and Me: Building a strong partnership

Sainyog Prajapati CPA (left) and Andrew Seinor FCPA.

Mutual trust and respect are the hallmarks of Andrew Seinor FCPA and Sainyog Prajapati CPA’s professional relationship.

The practitioner: Andrew Seinor FCPA

Chief executive of the H Factor, a strategy and performance consulting firm

My fascination with managing people really came about when I worked for an international market research business, managing a team that was spread across the world. It made me understand cultural differences and what motivated people.

I founded The H Factor with Robyn Moyle, my business partner. She has an HR background, I have an accounting background, and we bring together different parts of that capability to create something that neither of us could have created on our own.

I met Sainyog originally through a mutual connection. Sainyog was asking around for help with business strategy and planning for his business, NextClimb.

I hold a public practice certificate, even though I don’t operate an accounting firm as Sainyog does, but we do work with clients in a very similar way.

We are helping Sainyog to create the franchise system by compiling what we call the Code Book, which will become a comprehensive operational menu.

At The H Factor, we define a brand as what happens when your employee meets your customer. You can pay a fortune for the world’s best logo and the world’s best marketing material, but we all know how ugly it can be if that relationship doesn’t work and that connection isn’t made.

The key to a good brand is communicating clearly what your expectations are, so that everybody understands what it takes to deliver that brand on a consistent basis. In franchises, of course, that’s very difficult, because it’s not necessarily just one business. You’re going to have lots of businesses all working together under the same umbrella.

Clarity is even more important.

We’ve been having a lot of conversations with Sainyog about what he wants to create.

We’ve now pretty much completed the outline of the franchise system, and we will probably start to implement that when Sainyog’s ready to engage with his franchisees.

It’s actually been a lot of fun. Hopefully, Sainyog’s enjoyed it as much as we have. We’ve got a very clear understanding now of what he wants to build. We won’t be shy in making suggestions around that. I don’t think Sainyog would expect us to be. We want to see him succeed and prosper.

The good thing about this relationship is that we have a mutual respect and trust for each other. We can both be confident that, when we are referring people to each other, they’re going to be well received, well looked after, and there’s going to be an honest relationship. I think that’s the most important thing.

What would Andrew change about Sainyog?

I wouldn’t change anything. I like Sainyog just the way he is. I want him to build his business and become a huge success. I think he has everything he needs to do that already.

I hope he continues to have the courage to be creative, because he’s building something that’s quite unique. I just want to see him succeed and end up with a happy group of franchisees.

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The client: Sainyog Prajapati CPA

Founder of accounting group NextClimb and accounting franchise Business F360

With NextClimb, we help business clients who have turnovers between A$2 million to A$20 million. In public practice, many accountants are more focused on compliance work, and I’ve always questioned that. I believe accountants have much more to offer their clients.

Initially when I worked with Andrew, it was because I needed help with strategic planning for NextClimb.

Recently we started F360, our accounting franchise business, which is targeted at low value, fee-based clients. At the moment, we have four people, but with the franchise model, we’ll have numerous people working in the organisation.

We’re targeting individuals and microbusinesses, like cafe owners, restaurants and small franchisees. However, for them, pricing is always a big challenge.

We have created a program where we offer clients fixed-fee services. They would be very much aware of what they’re getting and what they have to pay. At the same time, they will receive a professional service from us.

I think this really improves the accessibility to accounting services for that group of people. That’s why we are excited to be a part of this, because I think one of the challenges for the profession is, how do we reach that group of people who can’t always get professional advice?

We needed advice about human resource systems, because that’s not our specialty. We wanted to have someone who has expertise in that area. Obviously, Andrew was the guy who could help us.

Andrew’s been an inspiration to me. I had heard of him before I met him and, when we got together, I was impressed with what he does with The H Factor.

There will be a lot of our clients who would benefit from getting The H Factor involved in their businesses. Not only will I continue using Andrew’s services for F360, but I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of referrals going his way.

What would Sainyog change about Andrew?

I don’t believe that he needs any changes as yet. I’m pretty sure that, if there’s any change required, Andrew would be on top of it anyway.


About Andrew Seinor and Sainyog Prajapati 

Andrew Seinor FCPA is a people-oriented accountant who left the mainstream “numbers business” to help clients improve their people management processes by co-creating The H Factor, an online people management system designed to instill productive team behaviours. His client, Sainyog Prajapati CPA, is the founder of accounting group NextClimb and nascent accounting franchising operation F360.

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