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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is an Asia-based writer and former editor of both Marketing and Franchising magazines in Australia.

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It is important to manage client expectations, including the time it will take and the cost to provide considered written advice.

Top answers to common client questions

Phishing is becoming increasingly sophisticated, cunning and difficult to detect, which is why about one in four people click on phishing emails.

Extreme phishing: cybercrooks take scams to the next level

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How can solo entrepreneurs win over investors?

Playing in the mud: Undertaking a task for which you think you are overqualified and having to work with people further down the corporate ladder.

Best (and worst) business buzzwords

Millennial business leaders readily accept working with virtual firms and use their mobile device for accounting.

Millennial businesses seek strategic advice from their accountants

Have a strategy. A smart conference strategy will give you new ideas and contacts.

5 tips to get best value from an industry conference

Help your firm stand out from the crowd with the help of emotional intelligence.

Accounting for EQ: Why emotional intelligence matters for accountants