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The future of accounting

From the World Congress of Accountants, a look at how digital technologies will leave accountants of the future to focus less on compliance and more on growing relationships and delivering insights to clients.

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9 tech strategies to help you at work

Bring order to your online bookmarks, forget everything you thought you knew about passwords and say good-bye to Wi-Fi dead spots. See these and 6 other tech tips you can use on the job.

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Inspiring minds of CPA Congress

Learn from some of the most compelling speakers of CPA Congress, from filmmaker Matthew Luhn on the power of storytelling to the CFO of cruise operator Carnival on how to manage a diverse global team.

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Connecting the biggest minds at CPA Congress

See how CPA Congress tackles the big issues transforming our lives, from presenting data in different ways to encouraging employees, clients and customers as they make their digital transformation journeys.

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Solving the housing affordability challenge

By every measure, housing affordability has worsened over the past 15 years. A group of 12 CPA Changemakers got together to develop a series of recommendations. These are their solutions. 

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Best accounting software: measuring the pros and cons

Small businesses face an overwhelming selection when it comes to choosing an accounting program. This guide breaks down the pros and cons of Intuit, MYOB Essentials, Xero, Reckon One and Saasu.

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Challenges for charities and nfps

Donor fatigue, shrinking incomes and generational change are just a few of the challenges. This eBook outlines how charities and not-for-profits can continue to innovate and grow in this environment.

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Ethical business lessons

Facing ethical issues at work is a normal part of life. This collection provides insights that help us consider issues more deeply and improve our awareness and understanding.

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Masters of strategy

Whatever their challenges, today’s business leaders need a command of strategy. The leaders profiled here have all had to think strategically and find ways to do things their competitors couldn’t. Let their full stories unfold. 

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Inspiring tales from the accounting world

Accounting knowledge leads many practitioners into unexpected careers and inspires them to fight injustice and find new ways to serve their communities. Read insights from 11 inspiring accountants who made a difference. 

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