September 2014

September 2014

Excel Yourself

Excel yourself: Forms and functions


Experience in business makes him the right volunteer

Rooftop bar, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore.

A fast trip to Singapore


Then and now: Edwin Bradley FCPA

Youhao Square in Dalian commemorates the friendship of China and the former Soviet Union.

Why China's north-east is home to a booming IT industry

Accountants play an important role in safeguarding integrity.

Regulators come down hard on insolvent trading


The maths phobe who became an accountant

It's been a long march for China's banks.

China's banks branch out on a global scale

As managing director of PS&C, McLaine oversees teams  that foil criminals, both virtual and physical.

The Insider: Kevin McLaine FCPA

Sometimes rules can strangle growth.

What's the cost of changing government regulation?

Kogan expands into fitness and sports goods with Fortis.

"Google statistics don't lie": Ruslan Kogan

A surge of companies leaving home to float on overseas stock exchanges is causing cross-border listings to grow faster than domestic ones, articularly in Asia.

Cross-border listings surge, particularly in Asia

Keeping promises is not just about fulfilling the moral obligations we impose on ourselves.

The promises we make

Weigend believes privacy is an illusion in the modern world.

Welcome to we-commerce

Great pairings: Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak (left) and Steve Jobs, back in the day.

It takes two to tango to make a business partnership work

A lifestyle that reduces anxious feelings may be the best thing to shore up body and mind.

Breaking shy: When meek meets success



Is taking a well-earned break every 90 minutes the secret to better performance?

Body breaks and the 90-minute mark

Interconnected home appliances are part of the rapidly growing “Internet of Things”, but how safe are they?

How safe are your appliances?

Wayne Treeby CPA | Photo: Damien Pleming

Meet the CFO: Wayne Treeby CPA

Ian Harper is the economist the Australian Government has asked to plot the way forward in competition policy. It’s the ideal calling for a man whose world view has its roots in the commonsense shopkeeping of his parents, tempered with a deeply held Christian sense of fair play and decency.

Career economist Ian Harper plots a way forward

September 2014
September 2014

September 2014

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