November 2014

November 2014

 Teo has negotiated a deal that leaves him free for six months and working full-time for the other six | Photo: Mark Teo

Those who can, teach

'The move to value pricing is already being seen in industries such as IT, engineering, law and finance,'

Is it time to give hourly billing the flick?

November 2014: Our pick of the journals, blogs and websites

November 2014: Our pick of the journals, blogs and websites

The digital age has levelled the playing field for budding entrepreneurs, but are the skills needed to build an enterprise from nothing something you have to be born with or can they be learned?

Growing entrepreneurs through business education

Heather Bone today

Then and now: Heather Bone

"We quickly realised there was a big demand for rooftop farming.'  | Photo: Alexis Lai

Organic urban rooftop farming takes root in Hong Kong


Cut through the financial reporting clutter

Noel Holmes (left) and Shake It Up Australia founder Clyde Campbell.

Some analysts have criticised the Shanghai FTZ as being a flop, with little progress made.

Free trade zones in China

Amalisia Zhang, founder of 99 Wuxian

Amalisia Zhang: Mobile commerce pioneer

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November 2014
November 2014

November 2014

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