December 2014

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The INTHEBLACK panel on innovation comprised Annalie Killian (far left), Kieran Flanagan and Eileen Burnett-Kant. Lisa Carroll, head of communications, content and publishing at CPA Australia, chaired the session.

If you want to invent the future, innovate

'You have to be willing to embrace change. For most people, fear of change is greater than fear of failure.' Craig Tiley, Tennis Australia

Game on! Craig Tiley sets a new baseline for Tennis Australia.

Silicon Valley parents want to protect their children from tech addiction.

Putting kids in a tech time-out

Some CFOs don't have a clear vision of how to future-proof.

Have you future proofed your business?

Indonesia again tops the table for business confidence.

Indonesia tops in small business confidence

Shweta Vincent CPA, business operations manager, Telstra.

Career talk: Push outside the comfort zone

The success of crowdfunding has now sparked a new idea for business – fully collaborative budgeting, or co-budgeting, where businesses are turning budgeting decisions over to their employees and letting them choose what will, and won’t, be funded.

What if everyone had a say on where the money is spent?

Yvonne Adele, thought leader and social media expert.

How do you take a break and still keep up? 

Kerry Harris CPA, Chief financial officer, West Australian Football Commission.

A hot-desking sports junkie returns to the AFL

Work should be fun and bosses shouldn't be attached to the process, but look to the outcome, says Kieran Flanagan.

Avoid these 5 stupid workplace mistakes