October 2015

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Model for the modern entrepreneur

Video game pioneer Nolan Bushnell focuses on education

Boom Beach for phones and tablets is the current champ of small-screen gaming

Will video games replace movies as entertainment blockbusters?

Smart thinker

Rita Gunther is a business insider on strategy and innovation

History's most successful 'make poverty history' campaign

Growth in developing countries lifts millions out of poverty

Wong Su-Yen: Leadership is like music - every element does its best and but works collectively as a whole

5 Minutes with Wong SuYen, CEO of the Human Capital Leadership Institute

Supply chains that sidestep retailers

Is automatic replenishing the future of supply chain management?

Have we said enough about driverless cars?

3 new technologies that have had enough hype

Cyber cop central

Cybersecurity conference becomes tech magnet for industry professionals

Are negative gearing tax breaks a useful incentive for investors or an anomaly that should be removed?

Negative gearing tax breaks: should they stay or go?

You can't stop the music

Spotify Asia CEO Sunita Kaur: why patience makes great strategy