December 2015

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In the driver's seat: Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin, president and CEO of Petronas

Fall in oil price becomes opportunity for Malaysia's Petronas

Lauren Peng, standing at rear, with some of the recipients of her uplifting enterprise. Peng launched the Candy Pencil Project in 2015, and now it operates in seven countries. As a social enterprise business, the project employs marginalised women to sew bags and autistic artists to paint them.

Candy Pencil Project is a social enterprise with a difference

Excel Yourself

Troubleshooting a common Excel error

Le Consulat cafe in Montmartre, Paris

Every good travel schedule should have room for a surprise or two

The norm of reciprocity creates a sense of obligation

Does reciprocity stop workers from doing the right thing?

Shaping her own destiny

The Department of Human Services' Hawari Badri FCPA makes her own way

Taking aim at outdated notions about corporate culture

5 myths about corporate business culture

Time will tell

Smartwatches challenge the traditional timepiece

Game, set, cash?

Where the Australian Open's A$44 million purse fits in sport's global prize battle

Good deed hunting

What does financially effective global charity look like?

In China, WeChat is a whole ecosystem in itself

How WeChat is reshaping Facebook's social media future

Post Mortem: innovate or stagnate

What the future of global postal services looks like

Todd Sampson, advertising executive and TV presenter

10 smart thinkers who shaped 2015

Matthew Needham FCPA

Meet the CFO: Matthew Needham FCPA

Professor Byron Sharp is not afraid to tell it like it is

Business academic Byron Sharp says marketers are doing it all wrong

Three experts nominate the business leaders they see as the models for 2020 and beyond. One of those is Tesla's Elon Musk (pictured).

5 business role models for 2020 and beyond

New ideas are leading to pragmatic school reforms, says Ben Jensen

Start-up brings new school of thought to Australian education

Seismic shift in tax law

OECD plans to make corporations pay tax

Can Germany's national brand recover?

VW scandal deals blow to Brand Germany

Email everywhere

Will e-mail soon go extinct?