September 2016

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Chief commissioner Graham Ashton is sharpening his focus on how Victoria Police looks after people. Photographer: Jarrod Barnes.

Graham Ashton: Terrorism, Bali and individual freedom

Betting on the next big thing

5 metrics to measure and test innovation

Animal magic

Animal Logic: How great financial management helped create Happy Feet

Patrick Pichette was senior vice president and CFO of Google for seven years. Photographer: Robyn Twomey.

At Google, rigour with a dash of crazy

Business is blooming

Aussie entrepreneur's beauty business a blooming success

Excel Yourself

Binary files the key to smaller Excel files

How well do boards oversee management?

Can boards oversee big companies?

From imitation to innovation

China's next strategic advantage? Innovation.

Illustrations by Carolyn Ridsdale

Data goldmine: smartphone-friendly ERP dashboards

Everything you need to know about switching to VOIP

Why planning is paramount

Good planning key to growth and productivity

Solving problems on the run. Photographer: Michael Robert Williams.

Have a problem to solve? Run a marathon.

Playng for keeps

How sports bodies are cutting out the middleman

7 S-Curve variables that deliver personal success

The internet spins into adulthood

How to explain the internet's slow growth

Unethical behaviour at work has wide-ranging impact

How unethical behaviour can harm our health

Competition: healthy. Pricing policies designed to drive rivals out of the market: not so much.

How worried should we be about predatory pricing by big business?

Tan Chin Hwee with wife Michelle and daughter Kylie, who inspired the "Premmies Fund"

Investing in care and compassion

Capturing solutions: how observation founded Intuit

Intuit's secret is user-led innovation

Is it time to get off the money-go-round?

Is finance a drag on economic growth?

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