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Ethical Business Lessons: Insights for Solving Ethical Business Dilemmas is a collection of 10 short essays about facing ethical issues at work. While most of us want to do the right thing, sometimes we fail to adequately consider all relevant aspects of a situation or are influenced by our human limitations in perception and thinking. This collection can help.

Featured essays:

  • Make sure your voice is heard at work before you leave
  • Does reciprocity stop workers from doing the right thing?
  • There are no words to excuse a bad work ethic
  • Keep your accounting hat on
  • Why ethics and law are not the same thing
  • Should intuition be trusted on the job?
  • Move over "buyer beware" – it's the seller's turn
  • Are your ethics taking a wrong turn?
  • Bullies and bystanders
  • Counting the consequences

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