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Masters of Strategy: 7 leaders shaping the world of business offers a look at how seven very different leaders have tackled their strategic challenges head-on.

Whatever the challenges, today’s business leaders need a command of strategy. They must know how to drive their organisations to do new things, to build on what they are already doing, and to react to new opportunities. They must be able to do all these things in ways that make it hard for competitors to keep up or catch up. 

Featured strategists:

  • Ram Charan, global management consultant
  • Alison Watkins, CEO, Coca-Cola Amatil
  • Sunita Kaur, managing director, Spotify
  • R. Edward Freeman, professor of business administration
  • Ben Roberts-Smith, motivational speaker
  • Vincent Lam, founder/chairman AsiaRay
  • Kate Burleigh, managing director, Intel Australia

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Leaders need a command of strategy. This complimentary ebook profiles 7 who find ways to do things that their competitors could not. Download now.