With the power to see into the future and keep global economies afloat, accountants are truly today’s superheroes. See why. 

Tan Bing-Xuan CPA (left) and June Teoh Chun Keng FCPA. Photo: Vignes Balasingham.

How Tan Bing-Xuan CPA is committed to professionalism at KPMG Malaysia

01 May 2020 Careers

In recent years, CSR has cemented its place as a mainstream business philosophy, as companies react to falling public confidence in them.

Corporate social responsibility: How can companies take a stance?

01 May 2020 Sustainability Leadership

In the last five years, Alan FitzGerald has seen a change in the relationship between the accountant and the client because of the technology gap.

Accounting technology: Closing the client gap

01 May 2020 INPRACTICE Technology


Being alert for early signs of financial distress can give you a crucial head start on your competitors.

CPA Conversations: How Australia can learn from Asia’s COVID-19 response

24 Apr 2020 Strategy Economics

Invented by DuPont scientists during the Great Depression of the 1930s, neoprene became a significant moneymaker and continued to make a lot of money for decades after.

Rising from the ashes: Turning crisis into opportunity

15 Apr 2020 Economics Strategy

On top of their regular tax, accounting and lodgement services, business advisory and tax professionals are now playing a key role in supporting the delivery of the largest series of government support packages in Australian history.

JobKeeper stimulus: Relief for many, frustration for some

09 Apr 2020 Economics Strategy

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