Blockchain is to financial transactions what the internet is to email – a platform that allows for so much more.

Blockchain: the future of record keeping

Large numbers of women moved into accounting roles when men went to fight in the First World War in 1914 and after the war there was a sense that society was changing.

The long road for Australia’s female accountants

New requirements in the Code of Ethics for professional accountants ensures practitioners respond in a timely way.

Why you can’t turn a blind eye to non-compliance by a client

Applying IFRS 16 will see profits affected by the financing effect, even if the underlying results stay the same.

The bottom line on leasing under IFRS 16

The role of the accountant is undergoing a significant shift and accounting jobs are shifting, too.

Should young accountants have to do basic accounting work?

Demand for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander accountants is far outstripping supply. What, then, is stopping Indigenous students from pursuing the field of finance?

Closing the Indigenous accountancy gap

Expense fraud is among the most common forms of fraud, affecting businesses both big and small

Are your employees cheating on their expense claims?

To minimise risk, it is imperative that practitioners provide advice only in the areas of their professional expertise and for which they are licensed.

4 client questions accountants should handle with extreme care

Accountants are more likely to come across potential rather than actual abuse, says Stephen Jones CPA.

Rising house prices are fuelling elder financial abuse: how accountants can help

The emphasis on resolving disputes early not only saved both the ATO and taxpayer time and money but gave the taxpayer certainty going forward.

Message for accountants: Talk to the ATO

Advisers are warned they will be held accountable for any involvement in workplace contraventions.

Accountant fined over client’s exploitation of workers

Having a single set of high-quality, global accounting standards makes the flow of trade and capital stronger and more transparent.

The journey to international accounting standards

Finance professionals will be kept busy this year, as a swathe of new accounting standards come into force.

The war for accounting talent in the Asia-Pacific region

It is important to manage client expectations, including the time it will take and the cost to provide considered written advice.

Top answers to common client questions

An agreement between an accountancy practice and financial planner is a relationship like any other, so regular communication is vital.

5 tips for referring clients to a financial planner

The key is in knowing the client, getting back to basics and asking lots of questions.

Beware bad clients

eBook: Inspiring tales from the accounting world

eBook: Which accounting software is right for your business?

Many employers are offering roles on a contract basis.

5 hiring trends in the accounting and finance profession

Australian academics say financial statements are still relevant to Australian investors.

Do financial statements still matter?

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