Transcript: Top themes on the auditing of small entities


Podcast: Is data analytics transforming the audit?

Auditors need training and experience to recognise red flags that should trigger distrust and call for investigation.

Are you distrusting enough to be a great auditor?

Computer assisted audit techniques were first used in audit more than 50 years ago and yet progress since has been painfully slow despite the acceleration in development of available IT tools and the data explosion

Data analytics set to reinvigorate the audit

What are the key threats to auditor independence?

Six (more) threats to auditor independence


Using audit data analytics to gain greater insights

Auditors will need to challenge the adequacy of disclosures for 'close call' situations

What's next in audit reforms?

Cochlear CFO Neville Mitchell

Cochlear leads the way in new audit process


How sceptical is sceptical enough for a quality audit?


Why is it proving so hard to lift audit quality?

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