Due to its inherently illegal nature, fraud is almost always hidden or disguised, making it very difficult to detect.

Should auditors be held liable if they miss fraud?

There are red flags that could point to problems with auditor independence

6 warning signs the tax office uses when monitoring SMSF auditors

Audit trends: When are auditors raising concerns? INFOGRAPHIC

The option to conduct a review instead of an audit, even if allowed under relevant legislation, depends on the entity’s constitution.

Review or audit? Help your clients understand the difference.

Transcript: Top themes on the auditing of small entities


Podcast: Is data analytics transforming the audit?

Auditors need training and experience to recognise red flags that should trigger distrust and call for investigation.

Are you distrusting enough to be a great auditor?

What are the key threats to auditor independence?

6 (more) threats to auditor independence


Using audit data analytics to gain greater insights

Auditors will need to challenge the adequacy of disclosures for 'close call' situations

What's next in audit reforms?

Cochlear CFO Neville Mitchell

Cochlear leads the way in new audit process

The revised standards will open up the machinery of audit to greater public scrutiny

IAASB aims to make auditor reports more transparent


Enhanced auditor reporting

Actual independence is quite straightforward

The fundamental importance of auditor independence

Top 10 breaches: audit and non-audit engagements

One issue with auditing of super funds is that it typically occurs many months after a financial year has finished.

Real-time auditing of SMSFs

Keep an eye out for threats to independence that catch SMSF auditors out

6 key threats to auditor independence


Integrating assurance is about both ‘who’ and ‘how’

Calling a rooster a duck won't make it quack. It's important to get the label right.

Employee or contractor? Get the label right.

The revised auditor reporting model provides an opportunity for clarity.

In auditing, long is the new short

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