Housing affordability eBook cover

eBook: Solving the housing affordability challenge

Killing off zombie firms in the real world is much more difficult than annihilating fictional ones in the movies.

How zombie firms stifle economies

Gore at the premiere of An Incovenient Sequel at the 13th Zurich Film Festival on 8 October 2017

Al Gore calls for faster action on climate change

What would interest rate increases mean for the great Australian dream?

Do Australians spend too much on their homes?

The baby boomer housing issue is one that is testing the minds of policymakers around the world.

Why baby boomers won't move

Metronet Rail's upgrade of the London Underground struck problems, making it an example of a public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure project gone bad.

Here's what makes a successful public-private partnership

Ewes and lambs grazing at Trida, Strzelecki Ranges, South Gippsland, Victoria.

Why Australian agriculture can't draw investment

A Bic Camera store in Tokyo advertises that it accepts bitcoin

Is bitcoin a speculative bubble?

Alleged water theft from the Murray-Darling river system is under investigation.

Water rights, trading and the new water barons

Spread the love: Barry Irvin has made Vegemite truly Australian again. Illustrations: Adam Nickel

Making news: how Bega bought Vegemite

Made in Israel: An engineer in one of the world's largest desalination plants, located in Israel, where even waste water is reused.

How Israel became a start-up nation

Since the 1990s, the number of companies going public in the United States has plummeted. Illustration: Ben Sanders

The disappearing public company: why firms don't want to list

The popularly-held notion that intergenerational differences create clashes in the workplace does not stand up to proper scrutiny.

Your age at work: just another number

With careful consideration and solid professional advice, reverse mortgages have a role to play.

Reverse mortgages can be useful, but take care

More than two million Australians hold an interest in a rental property.

Are the new rental property tax rules unfair to private investors?

With October stock market crashes occurring in 1929, 1987 and 1997, is the stock market set to crash in 2017?

It’s October: will the stock market crash?

Could a tax deduction for healthy lifestyles encourage better preventive care?

Should a healthy lifestyle be tax deductible?

The report by chief scientist Alan Finkel has been praised for being technology agnostic but still encouraging investment in clean energy.

Can Australia keep the lights on this summer?

'The infrastructure gap in the market, particularly in Asia, is a huge gap to fill.' Yee Ean Pang, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Photo by Jasper James.

Jobs, power, water: the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is on a mission

Digital wallets: a great idea in theory?

Will digital wallets one day be the only way to pay?

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