eBook: Which accounting software is right for your business?

Geoff Cropley (left) and John MacLean, the creators of NoahFace, a facial recognition app.

NoahFace: The software that put a puts a name to the face

Rex Sham, co-founder and chief science officer of Insight Robotics, has already co-authored two patents and won awards for his research. Photos by Calvin Sit.

Using robots to detect forest fires

The BI platform you choose depends on your needs, and there are a number of factors to consider.

Predict future trends with business intelligence

Stride by Atlassian is a messaging app with video, too.

Adopting agile across your business

A Bic Camera store in Tokyo advertises that it accepts bitcoin

Is bitcoin a speculative bubble?

Cybercriminals have become more sinister and difficult to spot in recent years as scammers shift their attention from individuals to businesses.

Cybercriminals up the ante on data theft

Made in Israel: An engineer in one of the world's largest desalination plants, located in Israel, where even waste water is reused.

How Israel became a start-up nation

Are the new iPhones worth it?

Apple's iPhone X vs iPhone 8: should you buy one?

Cloud technology is not all plain sailing. What are five challenges to consider?

5 challenges to cloud computing success

Digital wallets: a great idea in theory?

Will digital wallets one day be the only way to pay?

Netgear Orbi RBK50.

Upgrade your internet with mesh wi-fi

The dark side of the internet involves organised crime.

6 strategies to protect yourself from cyberattack

Curtin University in Western Australia is keeping track of its students and teachers with Hitachi Data Systems.

Using Hitachi Data Systems to improve student life at Curtin University

Welcome to the next revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution - or Industry 4.0 - will be marked by dramatic advances in technology that will affect all industries and economies.

Industry 4.0: What's in store in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technology's getting even smarter. What does that mean for the accounting sector? Illustrations: Ellen Porteus.

Will robots free accountants to be more creative?

The new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are blazingly fast.

iPad Pro, Surface Pro: super fast and out to replace your laptop

Make your business trip a smooth one with these apps.

10 great apps for business travel

People in Papua New Guinea could use mobile phones to access bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Bypassing banking with bitcoin

Has Australia lost it's medical mojo? How can the medical technologies and pharmaceuticals industry be recharged?

Why Australian medical research needs an injection

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