最好的安全措施是组合使用密码、多重身份验证以及生物特征识别 (如指纹或面部识别)。


Digital payment options are popular in Asia and are helping to improve business cash flow.

Technology drives growth: options for small business

Blockchain is to financial transactions what the internet is to email – a platform that allows for so much more.


What happens to our digital accounts after we die? That's where the digital will comes in.

Why you should have a digital will

By putting the customer first, start-ups are able to build a product that aligns with their needs, and thus achieve greater take-up. Illustrations: Eirian Chapman.

Smartphones: the bank in your pocket

Cybereason is a leading cybersecurity software provider.

87 million reasons to protect your data

Some savvy businesses are starting to harness blockchain technology to achieve innovative – and sometimes spectacular – growth.

4 innovative businesses using blockchain

While bitcoin is the most recognisable cryptocurrency, there are plenty of “altcoins” that have marketed themselves as competitive substitutes.

5 alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin

If you want to engage with customers online you need to first work out who they are.

6 steps to an effective social media presence

eBook cover 9 tech strategies

9 technology strategies to help you at work

Strava's CEO James Quarles, a former Instagram and Facebook executive, is no stranger to building successful digital communities. Photos by Marc Olivier Le Blanc.

Strava success: why the app adds a million new users every 40 days

Stake co-founder Matthew Leibowitz.

Cut the cost of trading international shares

WeChat is now a fully-fledged ecosystem that offers a range of functions. Illustrations by Carolyn Ridsdale.

WeChat is a way of life for 900 million daily users

Providing a better customer experience is becoming critical for Australia's financial services providers, as consumers have more choice than ever before.

Finance professionals: disrupt or be disrupted

Technology has a role to play as a service to advisers and their clients, but that role will not replace human interactions entirely.

Go digital or die: wealth managers don't have a choice

ZTE Axon M, the first smartphone with foldable dual screens

Samsung, Nokia, Land Rover: more features, higher prices for new smartphones

The problem with the argument that driverless cars might be dangerous is that it presumes Australia's roads are currently filled with wonderful, attentive and responsible drivers.

Would you travel in a driverless car?

Ashley Wearne, Sophos. Photos by Graham Jepson.

Why cyber attacks are becoming more dangerous

Podcasting is easily scaled, has a low barrier to entry, and can be a monumentally effective method of content marketing.

Why businesses should consider podcasting

SMEs that want to behave and act like bigger companies really have more choice than ever before with the help of ERP software.

The new enterprise tools in the small business ecosystem

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