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With signs of a slowing property market, what will this mean for the economy?

How will the slowing property market affect the economy?

Elliot Costello urges accountants to listen to their own hunger and desire to bring about change and to have the courage to respond.

Innovative approaches to social change

The best security available is a combination of password, multi-factor authentication and biometrics, such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Everything you’ve been told about passwords is wrong

Research suggests that on average, 95 per cent of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy

How to be a more strategic manager

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Advisers are warned they will be held accountable for any involvement in workplace contraventions.

Accountant fined over client’s exploitation of workers

Having a single set of high-quality, global accounting standards makes the flow of trade and capital stronger and more transparent.

The journey to international accounting standards

Finance professionals will be kept busy this year, as a swathe of new accounting standards come into force.

The war for accounting talent in the Asia-Pacific region

It is important to manage client expectations, including the time it will take and the cost to provide considered written advice.

Top answers to common client questions


Before you refer a client, you must do your homework.

The risks and rewards of client referrals

Getting the price right: the risk of underpricing is long hours for meagre earnings.

Price perfect: How to avoid being overworked and underpaid

It’s critical to know what you stand for in a crowded environment.

5 hot marketing tips for 2018

The key is in knowing the client, getting back to basics and asking lots of questions.

Beware bad clients

Work Smart

How to keep your energy levels high at work and boost your productivity

The challenge for the gig economy is to ensure there is reasonable standard of rights and conditions and wages for every worker in the economy.

Are new gig economy businesses eroding employee rights?

Many employers are offering roles on a contract basis.

5 hiring trends in the accounting and finance profession

Don't get crushed under the weight of workplace deadlines.

How to deal with impossible deadlines at work

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Should a healthy lifestyle be tax deductible?

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