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Opening the vault on Excel, part 8

10 Feb 2020 Excel Yourself

Singapore’s Budget 2020 is focused on assisting business and the broader community to manage the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Singapore Budget seeks transformation and growth through partnerships

18 Feb 2020 BUDGET 2020 Economics

9 brilliant business ideas for 2020

12 Feb 2020 Workplace Technology

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Financial abuse is a hidden and subtle form of family violence that often has dire consequences for its victims.

The accountant's role in stamping out financial abuse

01 Feb 2020 Accounting INPRACTICE

Hong Kong’s skyline shrouded in a thick haze of pollution, October 2018.

ESG on the radar

01 Feb 2020 Economics Accounting

A CPA Australia submission to the IASB calls for formal guidance and illustrative examples on how lease incentives should be dealt with under IFRS 16.

Understanding lease incentives

01 Feb 2020 Accounting

Work Smart

There is a lot of competition for board roles. While recruiters play a role, the most successful way to obtain a board role is through your network.

How to land a board position

01 Feb 2020 Leadership Careers

While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of setting new goals, always remember the big picture. The goals you set need to be realistic and in line with your organisation, while keeping in mind team morale and employee motivation.

How to set realistic goals and objectives

01 Feb 2020 Workplace

Just how much has the role of the traditional team leader changed? Not as much as you might think...

6 team leadership strategies that work

01 Feb 2020 Workplace Leadership

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