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A random sample of 858 tax returns found an error rate of 72 per cent, with agent-prepared returns with an error rate of 78 per cent.

Work-related expense claims the main culprit as tax gap puts focus on tax agents

There are plenty of stories on the topic of a Royal Commission-driven credit crunch right now, and not all of them are based on fact.

Are consumers and small business facing a credit crunch?

It is not only longevity risk – fear of outliving money – that is the main driver of retirees not spending.

Why won’t retirees spend their superannuation?

If you provide a good experience for the expense process, you will get better buy-in across the company.

Why expense management software delivers better compliance

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In the accounting world, it seems there’s a divergence of views on just how useful and accurate financial earnings and balance sheets really are in helping individuals to make informed investment decisions.

Are financial statements still useful?

Are the risks too great to accept payments in cryptocurrencies?

Should your business accept bitcoin payment?

Small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) don't need a lesson in the importance of cashflow

Protect your small business cash flow by getting debtors to pay up

The adoption of the IASB Revised Conceptual Framework could trigger a complete overhaul of the current tiered reporting system in Australia.

Special purpose financial reporting set to go under proposed AASB changes

Work Smart

While workplace policies encourage anonymous whistleblowing, Australia’s Corporations Act protects only whistleblowers that are willing to identify themselves. Illustration: Adam Nickel.

Tell the truth and ruin your career: should whistleblowers be compensated?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates there are one million independent contractors currently working in Australia.

When is a contractor not a contractor?

Ironically, the frantic pursuit of a full life can leave us feeling stretched thin and unfulfilled.

Work-life “balance” is a myth. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

Developing a better BQ is useful in helping people forge a closer, more responsive relationship with their bodies.

10 ways body intelligence can improve your work performance

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Would your business accept payment in bitcoin?

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