2022 trends for finance and accounting

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Sometimes moving jobs is a risk, and sometimes staying is a risk. And you've got to be able to live with that uncertainty.

5 questions to ask before you change jobs

The pandemic-driven shift to virtual meetings has not only normalised recording conversations but has turned them into a business mainstay.

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Often what makes conversations challenging is the discomfort we feel in anticipation of the interaction.

How to have difficult conversations at work

Manage mental health to avoid professional indemnity claims

The largest uptick in technical skill demand is for programming language Python (up by 33 per cent).

Surprising tech skills in demand for accounting and finance

By providing insight to the business owner and its advisers, a business valuation should offer a roadmap to reduced risk and thus an increased multiple and business value.

Business valuations that add value

Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift FCPA.

Why Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift FCPA believes in investor education

Investors are increasingly expecting companies to address material climate-related risks.

Investor calls for ESG reporting heat up