Live chat: Advising family businesses

CPAs and other accountants often find themselves in situations where they are advising a family business on crucial issues such as succession planning and complex family issues. Do you have the experience to deliver advice that can directly impact on the legacy and longevity of a family group in business?

CPA Australia currently provides access to three resources on these issues in association with FINH:

  • An on-demand webinar recording on ownership, governance and family business issues which reviews common crucial issues such as global trends in family governance, complex succession case studies and whether clients can maintain control and monetise success
  • An article that looks at the five reasons why a family business fails
  • an article that explores six ways local firms can compete with global brands.

Ask questions arising from these resources, or from issues you are experiencing with clients, in this complimentary live online chat.

Post your questions during the live chat to be addressed by our expert:

  • David Harland CPA, Managing Director, FINH. Harland is an expert advisor to multigenerational family groups in business. He is a frequent and respected commentator in the sector and holds both national and international accreditation in the field of family advising and family wealth.

You can also pre-submit a question by emailing [email protected]  

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