5 minutes with Phil Richards FCPA: Entrepreneur and Ironman

Phil Richards FCPA

Serial entrepreneur Phil Richards FCPA knows about mistakes. He uses his knowledge of business and physical fitness to excel in both, and learn along the way.

Ironman and lifelong entrepreneur Phil Richards built his first chain of businesses in his twenties. He has run nine companies and learnt plenty from making mistakes along the way. He now heads cloud-based venture SmartPayroll.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt during your 16 years as an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not a part-time or full-time job, it’s a lifestyle. I’m in my sweet spot if I’m helping people. I love making a difference and creating change and improving lives through business and personal success.

More information: Phil Richards will be presenting at CPA Congress in Auckland in October 2015

How do you apply that now?

I’ve started a business where I essentially get to help people every day. My current project, SmartPayroll, pays more than 100,000 people more than A$3 billion per annum.

It has a vision to help accountants think like entrepreneurs, to help business owners make big profits in their small businesses and to help employees achieve work-life balance.

Seven ironman events – what keeps you motivated?

I enjoy the journey of being the best I can be. Ironman is an adventure and a perfect metaphor for business and life. It takes passion, commitment, determination and persistence. And it results in achievement.

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