5 innovative start-ups founded by women

Sharon Melamed: founder Matchboard.

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3. Sharon Melamed: founder Matchboard

Entrepreneur Sharon Melamed says there are silver linings to the tech world’s gender imbalance cloud.

“It presents an advantage,” says the founder of Matchboard, FindaConsultant and AboutMatch.

“As a minority, you stand out from the crowd, you attract more attention and publicity for your business. After all, how many articles like this do you see about the top male innovators in tech?”

Melamed spent 20 years in account management for outsourcing businesses, spending most of her time on the phone. There must be an easier way, she thought. And there was – the answer was Matchboard, a web-based solution that helps companies find suppliers.

Founded in 2012, Matchboard now has 1250 clients and has seen more than A$14 million of deals done via the site.

The experience of developing the business demonstrated to Melamed just how valuable Matchboard would be.

“I’m not a techo and never will be, so I outsource tasks such as back-end database development and front-end design and coding,” she says.

“The difficulty I had finding the right-match IT partners just reinforced the value proposition of the business.”

Innovation, Melamed says, is a must.

“The biggest enemy in business is status quo,” she explains, recommending monthly off-sites and regular conversations with customers to find out exactly what they desire.

“Innovation really is a question of survival.”


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