10 workplace trends

Standing desks have been proven to be medically more beneficial for posture and overall health.

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Diversity, health and flexibility will remain important workplace trends in 2016, with businesses seeking ways to make it as easy as possible for staff to be more productive.

According to Ryan Ebert, founder of the Productive Healthy Workplaces (PHW) Group, which helps businesses design more productive workplaces, the "wellness" or health of the workforce is set to become a major focus of management in the coming year.

1. New desks

“We now know of the health effects of sitting, which is being touted as ‘the new smoking’. So office design that enhances movement among workers is set to be a big trend in 2016,” he says.

 Ebert says increasingly, standing desks won’t just be used in work zones; they will also be used in other areas such as meeting and collaboration spaces. 


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