Coming soon: a massive upgrade to the global brain

Entrepreneur/author Ben Casnocha

In the next decade another 5 billion people will connect to the internet for the first time, representing a huge influx of human capital, writes entrepreneur and author Ben Casnocha.

“Over the next decade, around five billion people will connect to the internet for the first time," writes Casnocha in an essay titled “What It Means to Lead a Global Life”.

"Or to put it another way, in less than 10 years, the already-sprawling internet, currently at around 2.5 billion participants, is going to be triple the size it is now.

“For any consumer in the world, this is fantastic news. The internet is about to see a huge influx of human capital, a five-billion-node upgrade to our global network. More brains connecting to the global grid means more people developing technologies that will benefit everyone.

"As Alex Tabarrok writes in his book Launching the Innovation Renaissance, thanks to the rise of China, India and other developing countries, we will now have literally billions more people who can work on a cure for cancer, or develop a self-driving car, or achieve a new breakthrough in physics. Ideas and innovation, no matter where they originate, eventually benefit all of humanity.

“As an entrepreneur and investor, this is a huge opportunity: to help usher in the new wave of global innovation such as the Alibabas of the world. Massive entrepreneurial successes from outside Silicon Valley are turning Silicon Valley into Silicon Planet.”

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