The most important factor when choosing a job

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Flexibility, co-workers and salary are the top concerns nominated by respondents to a new CPA Australia survey asking what attracts people to a job.

Flexible work arrangements and good co-workers are the two factors that most often attract people to jobs, says a new CPA Australia survey.

The CPA Australia Work Environment Survey 2016 (PDF), conducted from 25 May to 1 July 2016, received 680 responses. 

Professional development: Achieving goals through perserverance and resilience

Some 20.3 per cent of respondents nominated flexible work arrangements as the most important factor influencing them to choose a job. The prospect of working with good people was named by 20.2 per cent of respondents.

Salary still matters: it was chosen by 18.1 per cent overall and 35.5 per cent in Hong Kong, and is more important for people in senior positions. The opportunity for career progression still remains important to many, chosen by 15.2 per cent overall and 31.4 per cent in Singapore.

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