How predictive intelligence can help grow your practice

Trust is a key ingredient to unlocking value in client relationships, and a perfectly timed email can demonstrate your expertise and deepen those connections. Predictive intelligence could be the perfect tool.

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From the moment a client first encounters an accounting firm, they start out on a journey – a customer journey – mapping their experience from awareness to a long, deep and valuable relationship.

There are high points and low points along the way. It’s at these peaks and troughs that clients want to hear from you.

But how can you know who to speak to, and when? How do you make the most of the information at your fingertips?

Predictive intelligence can help you deliver the right message to the right clients at the right time.

Intelligent software collates information that’s relevant to different clients at critical times in their journey.

You can automate these updates to go to your clients to keep them informed, and reassure them that you’re on top of the latest developments and their impact.

Predictive intelligence helps you provide each individual client with relevant information and a new benchmark for customer service – a win-win for everyone.

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