6 top issues in audit

Will new technologies create opportunities or just challenges for audit? How will data analytics change the auditor’s role? Should auditors be held liable if they miss fraud? This all adds up to interesting times ahead for auditors.

The following Slideshare collection of articles and podcasts pulls together six top issues in auditing:

  • 6 warning signs the ATO uses when monitoring SMSF auditors
  • Whether auditors should be held liable if they miss fraud
  • When do auditors need to highlight risk by issuing a "going concern" emphasis of matter in their report?
  • How can auditors cultivate an appropriate level of scepticism in order to do their jobs properly?
  • Whether data analytics is fundamentally transforming audit
  • Top themes on the auditing of small entities
  • Helping your clients understand the difference between a review and an audit

View the Slideshare below to learn more. 

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