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Dr Eva Tsahuridu

Eva formerly managed CPA Australia’s accounting policy team and looked after the ethics, professional standards and governance policy portfolio. She is currently an Industry Fellow at the School of Accounting at RMIT University.

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The Code, through NOCLAR, allows accountants to disclose a suspected illegality to an appropriate authority without being in breach of confidentiality.

NOCLAR: When public good means accountants should speak up

The challenge for oganisations is to make values and compliance work together.

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Culture is key to understanding wrongdoing in the workplace

In the bigger scheme of things

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In January 2016, taxi drivers in Paris went on strike to protest against Uber and governmental charges

The Uber question you probably never asked

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Why values training is not effective


Why short-term thinking hurts businesses

People overestimate their ability to remain unbiased

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There are steps you can take to respond to suspected fraud

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Has unethical behaviour tarnished the Volkswagen brand forever?

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It's important to stop bad apples from doing wrong. But why not set up your organisation so everyone wants to do the right thing all the time?

How do you stop bad apples?

Are you passing the ethics buck at work?

There are no words to excuse a bad work ethic

Mind your double standards

Why managers share the responsibility for poor employee performance

What hat we wear is important. For professional accountants, keeping the accounting hat on is paramount.

Keep your accounting hat on

Intuition may help us do the right thing but it is not to be trusted blindly.

Should intuition be trusted on the job?

How close we are to colleagues directly impacts the decisions we make about them. It works in reverse, too.

Get to know your employees

Keeping promises is not just about fulfilling the moral obligations we impose on ourselves.

The promises we make