July 2016

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Ready, willing and flex able

Make workplace flexibility a measurable success

AUSTRAC boss Paul Jevtovic is taking on the masterminds behind organised crime in Australia

Crime fighter Paul Jevtovic follows the money at AUSTRAC

Where is the money flowing?

7 big trends driving foreign investment this year

Look, no hands... a driver relaxes as his Freightliner Inspiration Truck powers along a Nevada highway

How driverless trucks will change the economy

Entrepreneur/author Ben Casnocha

Coming soon: a massive upgrade to the global brain

The numbers on data crime

3 key numbers on data crime

Playing the long game

Should you choose property or shares?

Renowned management thinker Clayton Christensen

Innovation king Clayton Christensen's disruption secrets

What's the most important step in hiring new talent and why?

Key strategies for new talent hires

John Moss: MYOB's online recovery act

MYOB stays fighting fit in competitive accounting software ring

Meet the CFO: Ferdinand Sadeli CPA

Ferdinand Sadeli CPA helps Sinar Mas Land go global

Dwarfed by images of his signature product, Tim Cook speaks at an Apple event in March

5 years in, Apple CEO Tim Cook needs new stories

Twinkle twinkle little stars

How to use deliberate practice in business

By 2040, an estimated one in five Australians will be aged over 65. Many would prefer to age at home.

Ageing at home? How Australia can cope with 1.2 million over-85s

Cashing in on the fintech boom

Alipay and WeChat are making China a global payments power

Fintechs help fill a credit gap, but at a price

Fintechs: small business lenders fill a market gap

Lynda Gratton

Living to 100: how longevity will transform your work life

There were 42.8 million cybersecurity incidents detected in 2014, up almost 50 per cent from the previous year

Cyber space invaders: The cybercriminals threatening your bank

Toy Story 3 is Pixar's highest-earning movie with US$415 million

The Pixar Formula: keep reworking until it's right

Lifting your game

Why you should run your business like a football team

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