December 2017

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Gore at the premiere of An Incovenient Sequel at the 13th Zurich Film Festival on 8 October 2017

Al Gore calls for faster action on climate change

Geoff Cropley (left) and John MacLean, the creators of NoahFace, a facial recognition app.

NoahFace: The software that puts a name to the face

Are high-denomination Australian banknotes soon to be stamped with a use-by date?

Could managing cash stop tax cheats?

What would interest rate increases mean for the great Australian dream?

Do Australians spend too much on their homes?

Rex Sham, co-founder and chief science officer of Insight Robotics, has already co-authored two patents and won awards for his research. Photos by Calvin Sit.

Using robots to detect forest fires

Greg Stenton CPA, CFO at Department of Health and Human Services Victoria. Photo by Benny Capp.

Meet the CFO changing lives in the public sector

The baby boomer housing issue is one that is testing the minds of policymakers around the world.

Why baby boomers won't move

Metronet Rail's upgrade of the London Underground struck problems, making it an example of a public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure project gone bad.

Here's what makes a successful public-private partnership

What are the challenges that organisations are facing as they try to progress from diversity to inclusion? Illustrations by Jessica Meyrick

Making diversity work in the workplace

Ewes and lambs grazing at Trida, Strzelecki Ranges, South Gippsland, Victoria.

Why Australian agriculture can't draw investment